Planning and Prioritizing Management

Avoid distractions and keep your focus on prioritizing tasks and responsibility for the development and betterment of you and your employees. With this course learn to manage your time and your employees.

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Planning and Prioritizing Management

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Learning Objectives

  • Get more done in less time by increasing your productivity.
  • Eliminate time-wasters to stop wasting time.
  • Prioritization hacks can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Organize your time, projects, and team.
  • Make weekly plans to keep you organized and prevent procrastination.
  • Keep your focus and stay away from common distractions.
  • Determine which activities, clients, and employees are the most and least productive.
  • Take back control of your emails, employee’s shifts and leaves.

Planning and Prioritizing Management

When demands appear unlimited, prioritisation means making the most use of your limited time and resources. Every day, a manager is inundated with requests with the word "ASAP" written all over them. Never-ending meeting requests, constant daily reports, critical operational difficulties, and demanding project tasks—the list goes on and on! If you fall into the trap of attempting to do everything, you'll burn out, get dissatisfied, and unhappy. With this course on planning and managing people, learn to get things done efficiently with the least amount of resources and efforts.

Planning and Prioritizing

Skills You Will Acquire:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision making
  • Empathetic skills
  • Delegation sKills
  • Roster and leave management sKills

This course covers essential aspects such as managing shifts and leaves of employees and delegating tasks in the most productive way possible while recognising the ability of the employees.


This is a strategically designed course with research backed content, which will get you a strong grasp on recognising,

  • How important is your time ?
  • How can you utilize your time and resources effectively?
  • How can you manage Rosters?
  • How can you manage the leaves of the employees?
  • We understand! Time is our most valuable resource, and nothing is more frustrating than feeling like we're squandering it. That's why we've committed to implementing the most efficient and straightforward time management strategies in our company.

    Our aim is to provide you proven, simple, easy-to-implement tools and strategies that are used by top organizations and that we use ourselves in this course.

    What Will You Learn
    • What is planning and prioritizing at the workplace? and various practices of prioritizing for a manager.
    • What are the basic challenges you have to face as a manager?
    • Tips and tricks of scheduling and prioritizing.
    • Importance of time management and techniques for time management.
    • Importance of Roster and Roster Management for a manager.
    • Types of Rosters and challenges in managing Rosters.
    • Techniques for Roster Management.
    • Tips and apps and software's for roster management.
    • Importance of Leave Management.
    • Issues that a manager have to deal with while managing leaves of the employees.
    • Techniques and skills needed to manage leaves.
    • Tips and software for managing the leaves.
    How Will You Learn
    • Assorted Content Formats: Textual and Visual
    • Psychometric and Personalized Assessments
    • Anecdotes from Experts from the Domain
    • Quantitative Self-Reflections Exercises
    • Real-time Case Studies
    • Globally Recognized Strategies & Models
    • Valuable Customized Action Plan

    Who is this course for

    This course will help you in being successful in your career by giving you the access to getting things in the most efficient and easy way possible.


    Managers, supervisors, employees, team leads, and project managers who need to keep track of their time, projects, or teams.

    This course is intended for individuals

    Anyone who wants to stop wasting time, avoid distractions, stop procrastinating, stay focused, increase productivity, and plan and prioritize their tasks.

    All managers and those who aspire

    Why Take This Course

    • Management Skill Enhancement
    • Building a strong team
    • Recognising the capabilities of the team
    • Making you and your team productive
    Why Take This Course