Strategic Playbook for Decision Making

Adapt to any circumstance. Make a list of potential actions, evaluate them, and choose one. This is an ideal scenario of problem solving and making decisions. With this course, have a strong grasp on all the factors essential for decision making.

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Strategic Playbook for Decision Making

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Learning Objectives

  • Have greater insight into decision-making processes
  • How does decision making affect relationships
  • Select and use the most suitable decision-making tool for own needs
  • You will learn to make Better Decisions
  • Use that insight to make more effective decisions

Strategic Playbook for Decision Making

Problem solving and decision making used to take place mostly within the four walls of a top boss's cabin. As we blinked, the world transformed. Cabins were demolished to make way for open workplaces, and traditional management structure crumbled, resulting in a horizontal spread. Problem Solving and Decision Making abilities became a must-have characteristic at all levels of a company as delegation and authority batons were carried to the executive and trainee levels. Simply said, it's either have it or leave it.

Strategic Playbook for Decision Making

Skills You Will Acquire:

  • Problem-solving
  • Leadership
  • Reasoning
  • Intuition
  • Teamwork
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Analytic Thinking
  • Decision Making

Identifying a decision, acquiring information, and evaluating possible remedies are all steps in the decision-making process. You'll learn how to organise, classify, and prioritise the most critical decisions to make in the right order. It is a skill that can be learned! Let's begin by examining the current situation. By collecting important information and identifying options, a step-by-step decision-making process can assist you in making more careful, considered decisions. The importance of focusing on actions that can assist in making the proper judgments lies in the way it helps you choose between many options.


Are you having trouble making major or minor decisions? You can become a master decision maker using the skills taught in this course. You will be aware of your advantages and disadvantages. How can you make better decisions? How can you improve your speed? Why isn't it always so effective? will be of assistance to you. The course will also break down decisions. Understanding this will provide you with the necessary skills and talents to make better decisions. Start with anatomy or structure to tie all of your studies together at the end.

Recognize decision-making theories. For example, how should you begin by analysing the problem or making the decision in question, what method should be followed, or should a group decision be made? The course will also teach you how to make the most critical decisions first. This course will show you how to make outstanding judgments by giving you instances of crucial business decisions, how decisions are made around the world, and how you can apply this information. Join today and begin your path to success!

What Will You Learn
  • Making Smart Choices and Importance
  • Decision Making Styles
  • How to improve decision-making skills
  • The Importance of Decision Making in the Workplace
  • Hurdles Faced During Effective Decision Making
  • Steps of Decision Making Process.
  • ProACT Approach
  • ProACT Elements
  • How to improve decision-making skills
How Will You Learn
  • Assorted Content Formats: Textual and Visual
  • Psychometric and Personalized Assessments
  • Anecdotes from Experts from the Domain
  • Quantitative Self-Reflections Exercises
  • Real-time Case Studies
  • Globally Recognized Strategies & Models
  • Valuable Customized Action Plan

Who is this course for

This course will help you in being an effective decision maker and will lead you to find every solution with more keenness.


This course is for all who want to develop their abilities to manage the stress that comes with working under pressure and anyone who wants to develop or refine their skills for performing under pressure.

This course is intended for individuals

If you want to develop or improve your problem-solving and decision-making skills this course is for you.

All managers and those who aspire

Why Take This Course

  • They are studying or brushing up on their decision-making abilities.
  • Improve your decision-making skills.
  • Recognize the factors that influence decision-making styles.
  • Determine the stages involved in making a choice.
  • Learn how your personal beliefs and goals influence your decision-making.
  • Consider what kinds of data and input you'll need to make your decision.
  • Learn how to concentrate better and make more specific decisions.
Why Take This Course