Team Management Mantra

From a good manager, become a great Leader. With this course you learn to lead and manage office, remote and hybrid teams in the best way possible.

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Team Management Mantra

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Learning Objectives

  • Pros and Cons of being a rapid manager.
  • Create and communicate your vision as a leader
  • Manage talent to improve employee performance, development and retention
  • Use the ABC manager model and 11 Cs model for building a great team.
  • Create a high-quality team charter that enhances team performance

Team Management Mantra

Many teams are poorly designed and structured, prone to dysfunctional conflict, lack coordination, and have serious motivation issues. As a result, many teams underperform even individuals working on similar tasks. After completing this course, you will have a set of tools and practices that will allow you to set up, run, evaluate, and continually improve your team effectively. These insights will help you become a more effective team leader as well as a standout contributor in groups.

Team Management Mantra

Skills You Will Acquire:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Time management Skills
  • Problem-solving Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Critical thinking Skills
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Remote Team Management Skills

The nature of the job in the workplace is dependent on each other and is linked in a chain pattern. If the work chain breaks, the task will not be performed on schedule and with the appropriate efficiency. Team management is a description of the new connections that team members have formed. Team management is the vehicle via which every employee may become a professional business manager, with personal aspirations aligned with the organization's business goals.


Our aim is to provide you the opportunity to learn how to build a team, improve teamwork and collaboration, and maintain team performance through continuous learning and improvement in this course. You'll learn best practices for forming a team and aligning individual and team goals in particular. You'll also learn how to define roles, create structures, and manage decision-making in order to help your team succeed. This course will also assist you in managing critical team processes such as conflict resolution and trust building, both of which have a significant impact on the performance of your team. You'll go over some of the most effective strategies for maximizing team productivity while avoiding the pitfalls of teamwork.

What Will You Learn
  • What is a Team and the Importance of Team Management?
  • Building a productive team
  • 11Cs of building a team.
  • The ABC Manager
  • Common Challenges that you will face as a manager while managing a team.
  • What are the pros and cons of Being an over enthusiastic manager?
  • Different types of team management, their techniques and skills.
  • What is Team Movement Strategy?
  • Managing Remote Teams.
How Will You Learn
  • Assorted Content Formats: Textual and Visual
  • Psychometric and Personalized Assessments
  • Anecdotes from Experts from the Domain
  • Quantitative Self-Reflections Exercises
  • Real-time Case Studies
  • Globally Recognized Strategies & Models
  • Valuable Customized Action Plan

Who is this course for

This course will help you in being a successful manager, who can ideally manage every type of team with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness.


This course is intended for all managers and those who aspire to be managers or leaders.

This course is intended for individuals

Members and leaders of both management and front-line teams

All managers and those who aspire

Any manager who wants to improve their ability to lead teams, people, and processes can opt for this course.

strengthen relationships

To encourage the best in you as a leader and for acquiring the best management skills at any point of situation you should consider this course.

MultiCultural Organizations

Why Take This Course

  • Anyone who wants to advance their management skills and career should take this course.
  • This course is appropriate for anyone currently working in management.
  • This course is also appropriate for anyone interested in pursuing a career in management.
  • This course will give you a sense of accomplishment with technical and non technical skills.
Why Take This Course