The Power of Motivation - Motivating Others

Keeping yourself and your team motivated is a critical management skill that will cater the influentiality of a manager. This course will allow you to learn the skills that will help you in becoming people’s favorite manager or leader.

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The Power of Motivation - Motivating Others

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Learning Objectives

  • Motivate employees
  • Get people to invest emotionally in your projects
  • Influence people to do what you need them to do
  • You will have greater skills in Motivating yourself and others.
  • You will greatly improve your ability to get things done and tasks will be easier to complete!
  • You will greatly improve your ability have a positive influence on others and motivate them
  • You will have a greater understanding of yourself & others
  • Use Motivation Skills to gain an unfair advantage in life and in your career!

The Power of Motivation - Motivating Others

Motivation does not mean delivering hour long speeches or pep talks. Motivation at the workplace means that your employees or peers are not hesitant to talk to you and can find a good result out of your talk, that you build a team with no intragroup conflicts.

The Power of Motivation

Skills You Will Acquire:

  • Empathy
  • Assertiveness
  • Stress Busting
  • Motivating Skills
  • Managing Up Skills
  • Building Visibility at the workplace.
  • Team Building
  • Productivity enhancement skills

In this course you will learn strategies to motivate your team and employees to achieve faster results and to want to perform at their best. You will come across the power of motivation required for powerful results by delegating authoritative responsibilities and managing growth of your team and company.


Our aim is to build you a set of aspects that will not only help you in personal development but also help you in professional development. This research based course hovers around managing the growth graph of your company and team, influencing authority and responsibility to the team and peers and colleagues.

This can be achieved by the researched backed content of this course with various types of assessments and anecdotes, models prepared in accordance with the better understanding of the concepts.

What Will You Learn
  • Importance of Motivation at the workplace.
  • Basic challenges you have to face while managing team members.
  • Various theories and models which can help you understand and acquire motivation as a manager.
  • Tips for motivating employees in order to enhance their productivity.
  • What Maslow's hierarchy of needs implies
  • What is Herzberg theory of motivation?
  • What is McClelland’s theory of motivation?
  • What is workplace responsibility? And What responsibilities does a manager should possess?
  • What are the common challenges that a manager faces while acquiring such responsibilities?
  • How to acquire and display various responsibilities to peers and team members?
  • Mintzberg Management Rule and its implications.
  • Skills and techniques for managing the team members.
  • What is Crisis and Crisis Management at the workplace or in an organization?
  • Types of Crisis
  • There are mainly 8 types of Organizational Crisis that has been seen commonly
  • Risk Management vs. Crisis Management: What's the Difference?
  • Manager’s role in Crisis Management
  • What is the Importance of Growth?
  • What is growth management?
  • Common Challenges faced by a manager while managing the growth of his/her- self or team or company.
  • Different approaches and strategies for managing the growth of the company.
  • Managing people for growth.
  • Who is a growth manager?
How Will You Learn
  • Assorted Content Formats: Textual and Visual
  • Psychometric and Personalized Assessments
  • Anecdotes from Experts from the Domain
  • Quantitative Self-Reflections Exercises
  • Real-time Case Studies
  • Globally Recognized Strategies & Models
  • Valuable Customized Action Plan

Who is this course for

This course will help you in being successful in your career by giving you the ability to motivate and assert yourself.


This course is meant for managers

This course is intended for individuals

This course is meant for people who are ambitious and need to influence people

All managers and those who aspire

This course is for CEOs

This course is intended for individuals

Why Take This Course

  • Being Assertive towards yourself and others.
  • Enhance your Motivation
  • Develop a healthy professional relationship with your bosses, peers and employees.
  • Managing the growth graph of the company and influencing authority and responsibility to others.
  • Being your own leader.
Why Take This Course