“India’s first Corporate and Life Skills Blended Training Organization”

While it is crucial to have specialized knowledge in your field of work, having the skills and courage can help you in your career advancement even further.

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About us

About us

As per our research, more than 70% of employees feel a lack of confidence in their skills if the organization doesn’t invest in Learning & Development. Also, regular L&D modules lack the much needed skills for employees to reach optimum level of productivity. But you don’t need to worry anymore.

India’s first Corporate and Life Skills blended training organization, DT Evolve attempts to revolutionize conventional corporate training methodologies with its Interactive learning modules, self-reflections and self-assessment programs, research backed globally curated content and most importantly by Integrating Life Skills Education to the corporate dynamics.

With experience and research of over a decade, our leadership experts and content managers found that the conventional training method missed essential Life Skills. While it catered to professional development skills to enhance Team Building, Leadership and Soft Skill, it needed the touch of emotions to achieve personal and professional equilibrium.

We believe that “EVERYONE HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE EXTRAORDINARY” and therefore, we strive towards unlocking the better in individuals and groups so that they can achieve their desired professional and personal goals. We work with corporations and individuals providing much needed “Learning & Development Solutions”, “Leadership Success Solutions”, “Emotional Development Solutions”, “Employability Thriving Solutions” and “Self-Transformation Solutions”.

Life Skills Courses

Word from the CEO

Reasoning, Problem Solving, Abstract Thinking, and complex idea comprehension are the basic tenets of Cognitive Ability. Be it our professional or personal life, cognitive Ability plays a very important role in the overall development of a human being.

For example, Cognitive Ability is the best predictor of an employee’s performance.

However, cognitive Ability is something that has always been under the carpet. We need it and we feel it, but it has not been in our schools or college curriculum. While we keep on dragging it in during our learning years, this becomes acute when we transform ourselves as an employee or as an entrepreneur. The result is frustration, peer pressure, weak mental agility, and non-resilience.

The idea of DT Evolve was born because of this noble yet powerful cause. I personally feel that Cognitive Ability will help us to be more empathetic, powerful, happy, and resilient.

Janardan Tiwari

CEO DT Evolve

Word from the CEO

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The purpose of DT Evolve is to guide and train your employees via our well versed and intellectual training program. We aid in the process of thriving people through our manager’s bootcamps, life skills courses, and customizable clusters.

In the ebb and flow of our developmental journey, we most often underestimate our skills and capabilities. Unlocking the Better YOU! is a notion that deals with the recognition of the true potential as individuals. Be it personal or professional, DT Evolve is providing a set of concrete resources for the development and attaining the best out of you.

DT Evolve is a cutting-edge solution based online learning venture that combines reliable pedagogy with interactive learning modules, self-reflections and self-assessment courses with research backed content and sessions designed for professionals who are always on the go. Learners have the opportunity to develop skills to help them navigate their most important career cusps with the aid of academically sound and application-focused frameworks. Our distinctive curriculum assists individuals in developing the skills necessary for success at every stage of their careers.

Our flagship programs consist of Fresh Talent Bootcamp, First Time Manager Bootcamp, Mid-Level Manager Bootcamp, and The Superbosses Bootcamp. As per the name, you have gathered the thought that these cater to all the levels of management of an organization, and they are distinctively designed from the basics to the advanced level. Each bootcamp consists of an imperative approach to develop and enhance the skill sets. Thus, our learners will surely get the practicality of organizational and life skills with the maximum amount of efficiency.

In an ever-evolving, dynamic environment, Learning & Development have to keep up and meet the expectations of employers and employees. Our Learning & Development Solution works on continually reforming its research base to develop the latest management concepts that can aid the growth of your organization. Our journey begins by understanding your vision, listening to your problem statement, assessing your learning priorities, and customizing the best learning solutions for you and your team. We believe in our approach because our solutions/interventions are mapped, designed, and delivered in a personalized way and in accordance with your organization’s needs.

While technical skill training is typically prioritized, Life skills are devalued, which have a crucial role in one’s happiness and success. We wish to take you a step ahead. DT Evolve has designed its programs for your personal and professional development and has collaborated with leaders and coaches to help you take charge of your life. DT Life Skills has a 3 necessary component based learning structure i.e,. Cognitive Development, Behavioral Development, and Emotional Development. These three components cover all the human aspects of life solely.

Our courses are designed for professionals who are ambitious and busy. Our online learning programs are self-paced, so your employees can finish them whenever it's most convenient for them. No matter where you are in the world, you can learn online. Additionally, we offer master session support so that your employees can ask questions or get answers to their doubts at any point during their learning process.

Mr. Janardan Tiwari, also the founder and CEO of DataTrained Education

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The answer is simple. You can pick and choose courses according to your needs. For instance, If a leader is very good at managing his people but finds it difficult to strategize plans for the future, he can take up a course for the same. On the other hand, if leaders want to improve themselves on all the required skills to be a better leader, they can take up one of the flagship programs of their suiting.

There are courses of two nature. Self-paced courses and Solution providing courses and programs. For any self-paced course, you can directly register yourself online. However, if you are looking for the development of your workforce, we suggest you fill your details on the “Meet Us” section for a guided consultation from our experts.